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Far Cry 3 : Skill Tree "The Spider"

Assalamualaikum wr. wb

Malam ini saya ingin memberikan informasi tentang Skill Tree "The Spider"

Skill ini memusatkan kemampuan anda dalam :
- Bertahan Hidup (Survival)
- Mendapatkan banyak rampasan
- Menghasilkan banyak uang
Skill ini cocok untuk anda yang ingin berpetualang menjelajahi Rook Islands

Icon Title Description

Sprint Slide
While sprinting, you can press a button that will cause you to go into a slide.

Jungle Run
You can move quicker while crouched.

Takedown Drag
Allows you to drag and hide bodies after performing a normal takedown.
Running Reload
Lets you reload your weapong while sprinting.

Expert Archery
There is less movement when you are zoomed in with the bow.
Expert Swimmer
Move 25% quicker in water when you hit a button.
Horticulture 101
Obtain 2 times more items from plants then you normally would. 

Dealmaker Req': Complete 3 Wanted Dead Quests                                         Get 25% more money when selling your loot items.

Penny Pincher Find more money on dead bodies.

Stone Wall Less chance of being knocked over by enemies and take less damage from animals.

Zoology 101 Get twice as many items from dead animals.

Loot Takedown After any takedown, automatically loot the body.

Knife Throw Takedown Perform a takedown, and throw the victom's knife at another enemy.

Ninja Step Req': 2 Outposts Liberated without being detected.                Lowers the ammount of noise you make while walking and sprinting.

Combat Archery Drawing and firing arrows is done 50% faster.

Nimble Fingers Reload pistols, SMGs and shotguns 25% quicker. 

Quick Swap Bringing up iron sights and switching weapons is faster.

Nimble Hands Reload assault rifles, sniper rifles and LMGs 25% quicker.

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